Liza Harris


The first time a politician delivered words she’d crafted, Liza Harris watched from the floor of a Capitol Hill office. Congresswoman Katherine Clark delivered a powerful appeal for gun safety legislation. Liza decided to keep writing.

Now at West Wing Writers, Liza uses her words to help her clients achieve their goals. She’s crafted op-eds, talking points, and speeches on a wide range of topics — from climate change and women’s workplace equality to bipartisanship and biases in journalism. As a communications volunteer for a Boston-based abortion rights organization, Liza uplifts the voices of real people impacted by public policy — and translates their stories into compelling calls for action.

Previously, Liza worked at a Boston strategic communications firm and graduated summa cum laude from Tufts University with degrees in political science and German. As an editor and reporter for the Tufts Daily, she produced dozens of breaking news stories, building a muscle for fact-finding that’s proven essential in her opinion writing.

Liza is from Alexandria, Virginia, where you can catch her hanging out with her Bernese Mountain dogs. She is always — always — looking for recommendations on where to find a good cupcake.

Liza Harris, Associate at West Wing Writers