Janet Potter

Marketing Director

Disruption Books

In her twenty years in the book industry, Janet Potter has held a variety of roles — from bookseller, author events coordinator, book reviewer, and newsletter author, to marketing consultant. She’s handsold copies of Proust on the island of Santorini, judged Harry Potter costume contests, let Pulitzer Prize winners hide in her bookstore office, and started a comment war with a takedown of Stieg Larsson.

As marketing director of Disruption Books, Janet helps authors effectively position their titles in the market in order to reach their unique audiences.

Before joining Disruption Books, Janet worked as a marketing manager at Independent Publishers Group, where she collaborated with hundreds of independent and international presses to navigate the U.S. book trade.

Janet graduated cum laude from Wellesley College with a degree in Russian language and literature. She’s worked in independent bookstores in Boston, Dublin, Greece, and Chicago, and contributed arts and culture coverage to The Chicago Reader, Chicago Magazine, Men’s Journal, Huffington Post, The AV Club, and The Awl.

Janet lives in Chicago, where she enjoys biking, baking, and the NBA.