Hannah Kahn


As part of Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign, Hannah Kahn honed her communications skills while enduring her first Iowa winter. She saw firsthand the importance of sharing personal stories, listening twice as much as you speak, and wearing three pairs of pants to stay warm. 

Through her various roles in strategic communications — from Congressional campaign press secretary to film festival communications director — Hannah has spent her career making others’ voices heard. She’s advocated for issues like voting rights, gun safety, and reducing wealth inequality in the pages of The Washington Post and other publications across the country.

During her time on the Congressional campaign trail, Hannah also led prep sessions for debates and interviews to integrate key messaging (and a few zingers) into her candidate’s talking points. And since joining West Wing Writers, she’s penned scripts and op-eds for powerful voices from many walks of life, from sitting Congressmen and Senate candidates, to professional dancers and public housing tenants.

Hannah graduated from Tufts University, where she studied English and political science.

Originally from Westchester, Hannah now lives in Manhattan. Though she’s thrilled to live minutes away from her favorite donut shop, Hannah is mostly thankful that she no longer has to say she resides “just outside the city.”