Colin Ganges

Account Executive

Colin found his passion for communications while working for the National Consumers League — where he crafted messaging about privacy policy in the office, on the DC metro, and anywhere he could find a surface to write. Now, he uses his passion for storytelling to help his clients articulate their brand’s mission and message.

Most recently, Colin helped run a nonprofit that exposed talented African-American college students to future careers, introduced them to national thought leaders, and created a network of more than 200 alumni.

Before joining West Wing Writers, Colin was a visiting student at the University of Oxford, where he learned the importance of writing succinctly, persuasively, and logically. He honed those skills while serving as a freelance researcher on projects that ranged from award ceremony speeches to autobiographies.

Colin graduated from Guilford College’s honors program with a degree in philosophy, where he spent most of his time studying, and critiquing, libertarian political theory. He currently lives in Washington DC and will usually be found watching movies, reading, or enjoying DC’s heat and humidity.