Bryce Fan


Early in his career, Bryce Fan learned one of the cardinal rules of speechwriting: every good story starts with a good listener.

At the Clinton Foundation, he heeded that dictum to tell the stories of young change-makers, whose Commitments to Action were revolutionizing agriculture and tackling the achievement gap. And when Senator Dianne Feinstein needed good listeners to navigate events like the Parkland shooting and Cambridge Analytica hearing, Bryce supported the press team that shaped the messaging heard by millions of constituents and thousands of reporters across the country.

Now, he brings that same approach to West Wing Writers, where he’s helped a variety of clients — from unicorn start-ups and Fortune 50 companies to nonprofits and hall-of-fame athletes — find the right words to tell their stories.

Bryce graduated cum laude from Hamilton College, where he braved the cold to earn honors degrees in Government and Chinese. A proud native of the San Francisco Bay Area, he currently resides in Washington, DC.