Beah Jacobson

Senior Director

Beah’s years in speechwriting have shown her that the right words can spark debate, shape policy, and change minds.

At West Wing Writers, Beah helps leaders find those words, sharpening complex ideas into clear, compelling stories. She has penned keynotes for business leaders, run social media for Grammy-winning artists, and developed media strategy for health tech innovators.

Prior to joining West Wing, Beah worked as a speechwriter for two Secretaries of the Smithsonian, writing on everything under the sun (women’s suffrage, climate change, public education) and some things beyond it (the black hole at the center of our galaxy). At the height of the COVID-19 crisis, she crafted and coordinated mission-critical messaging for internal and external audiences, ensuring that the Smithsonian could continue to serve the American public.

Beah holds a bachelor’s degree from Yale University and a master’s from Columbia University, both in English literature. Originally from Philadelphia, she now lives in Manhattan, where the hoagies are worse but the bagels make up for it.

Beah Jacobson, Director at West Wing Writers