Annabelle Long


As a caseworker for students accused of misconduct, Annabelle learned the power of helping people find the words to advocate for themselves.

Knowing how persuasive good stories can be, she used her experiences assisting her classmates to negotiate improvements to university disciplinary policies.

She brings that same commitment to compelling stories and good policy to her work at West Wing Writers. She has written op-eds, speeches, and blog posts for leaders across sectors, and has helped them put their visions for a better world into words. Her words — on climate change as a racial justice issue, the importance of journalism to democracy, and the future of the Democratic Party — have been read in The Washington Post and heard at major conferences and galas.

Annabelle graduated Phi Beta Kappa from UC Berkeley, where she studied history and creative writing and was a regularly published essayist and magazine editor. She earned Highest Honors and the Charlene Conrad Liebau Library Prize for her senior thesis, which was the first-ever biography of Marguerite Dice, the hostess of the first meeting of the John Birch Society.

Originally from Sacramento, she now lives in New York City — and yes, she loves Lady Bird.

Annabelle Long, Associate at West Wing Writers