Alli Shapiro

Editorial and Production Director

Disruption Books

Before she began a career in book publishing, Alli Shapiro’s favorite job was working as a marketing intern — for a commune.

She no longer makes her own tofu, but hasn’t lost the drive to tell fresh stories from compelling perspectives. That goal guides her role as editorial and production director, where she helps authors navigate the writing process and works with partners at all stages of production, from cover design to printing.

Before joining Disruption Books, Alli was the online editor at a 100-year-old newspaper, where she led the transition of the family-owned property from print to digital. She joined Disruption Books in 2019 as the publisher’s inaugural intern.

A military brat, Alli now lives in Brooklyn. You’ll find her at the theater, in the yoga studio, or on the subway as she works toward her goal of visiting every bookstore in NYC.