Maggie Mallon


Maggie began her career at one of the country’s most iconic women’s magazines. There, she crafted compelling narratives for a national audience.

As the digital staff writer for Glamour, Maggie wrote and researched daily stories on news, politics, and culture. She interviewed senators, representatives, and activists about health care, paid family leave, and gender equity. She also penned features about legislation and public policy, framing these issues around the impact they had on real women’s lives.

Today, Maggie brings her storytelling experience to West Wing Writers, where she’s written for White House officials, CEOs, and non-profit leaders. Her work has appeared in keynote addresses, product launches, and New York Times bestsellers.

Prior to joining West Wing Writers, Maggie served as a communications strategist for clients in business, technology, and education. She focused on external messaging, drafting editorials, scripting presentations, and strengthening social media outreach for executives and influential leaders. She also helped spearhead the launch of Vanity Fair’s 700-issue digital archive in the spring of 2019.

Maggie graduated cum laude from Villanova University with a BA in English and concentrations in political science and writing and rhetoric. She and her husband Paul live in New Jersey.