Kennaisiya Miller


While fighting for the freedom of wrongfully convicted people, Kennaisiya Miller learned the power narratives possess on our lives. Now, she is committed to telling stories that unlock the truth.

At West Wing Writers, Kennaisiya crafts stories that matter. Her words have helped beauty influencers, tech giants, politicians, and public health officials influence their audiences for good. These messages have been amplified on a range of platforms, from the stages of Silicon Valley to The Washington Post.

Before speechwriting, Kennaisiya honed her voice as a community activist and advocate. At the Innocence Project of Florida, she wrote and read letters from innocent prisoners across the state, building cases for post-conviction relief. In the realm of politics, she organized with non-profits and political action committees for progressive causes like voter protection and reproductive access.

Kennaisiya graduated magna cum laude from Florida State University, where she double majored in Political Science and International Affairs and minored in Computer Science. As a committed activist both on and off campus, she received many of the highest honors for her leadership as an inductee of Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Sigma Theta, and the Garnet and Gold Key.

A Sunshine State native, Kennaisiya spends much of her time in Washington, DC trying not to freeze. Luckily, her passions for music, dance, and reality television keep her warm.