D. Allan Pogreba


Allan is a former public school teacher, political journalist, and public speaker. He spent the first part of his career teaching English in Montana high schools, helping students appreciate the power of the written word and love the works of authors from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Yaa Gyasi.

Now, at West Wing Writers, he helps clients find their voice and craft their own powerful and enduring messages.

He graduated from Carroll College, where he was a competitive debater and public speaker before coaching the team to its only national championship in parliamentary debate.

While a full-time teacher, he founded, wrote, and published The Montana Post, the state’s most influential progressive political blog, and operated Big Sky Debate, a small business developing thousands of pages of research every year for high school debate teams nationwide. In 2006, he wrote the paper chosen as the official topic for the country’s debate circuit, achieving a long-term dream of having US students focus on Africa for the first time in history.

When he’s not working on a draft or deep in the research he loves, you’ll find him exploring Montana’s perfectly named Paradise Valley on foot or bike, dreaming about travel to a far-flung location, or working on one of several ideas for a novel.