Zach Hindin

Zach Hindin


Zach helps public figures and problem solvers advance their ideas about the world’s issues.

As an associate editor at The Atlantic, Zach worked with journalists and scholars to lead national conversations about inequality, incarceration, refugees, consumer protection, and collective bargaining. His own writing about politics and the arts has also appeared in Harper’s and The Guardian.

Before joining West Wing Writers, Zach taught rhetoric at George Washington University, and collaborated on the NPR program Invisibilia. He was a Nonfiction Teaching Fellow at Columbia University, where he previously earned a Masters in Fine Arts.

Zach is also a musician, playing mandolin, lap steel, and guitar. Along the way, he has performed at a square dance in Virginia, a tiki bar in Guatemala, and a wedding in India, where he worked and studied Hindustani classical music for two years.

Originally from South Florida, he now lives in Washington, DC.

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