Sarah Gruen

Sarah Gruen


Sarah first realized she had a knack for persuasive writing when her principal said an article she’d written for the high school paper had caused a 25 percent drop in cafeteria pizza sales. “The Pizza Rut” didn't go on to win a Pulitzer, but Sarah was hooked on the craft.

Before joining West Wing Writers, Sarah worked at a law firm in New York, where she fought injustice, and wrote for her political comedy website during lunch breaks.

She graduated magna cum laude from Tufts University, with a double major in Political Science and English. When she wasn’t writing papers, she could be found singing a cappella, creating programs for women at Tufts Hillel, and leading a sketch comedy group called The Institute. While in school, she also wrote four full-length original musicals, worked with the Boston Public Schools, and blogged her way through eleven countries.

Sarah spent most of her life telling people she was from New York City when she really was raised in Connecticut. Now a Manhattan resident, she can finally stop presenting this alternative fact.

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