Raul Quintana

Raul Quintana


As a Fulbright recipient in rural Indonesia, Raul learned to communicate clearly, and connect credibly, with audiences ranging from students to senior government officials. It was the perfect crash course in speechwriting.

As a researcher, Raul has worked on legal and political issues at a wide range of organizations, including the Department of Defense, the Harvard Kennedy School, and a leading human rights NGO in Argentina. He has also taught civics classes in Boston public schools, organized conferences in Panama and the Dominican Republic, and written about American politics for Mic.

Since joining West Wing Writers, Raul has been at the core of its research team — and the results of his work have enriched bestselling books, Davos panels, New York Times op-eds, and speeches that shaped the auto, finance, and tech industries.

Raul graduated from Harvard College with a focus on international affairs and U.S. foreign policy. A native of San Antonio, Texas, he currently lives in Washington, DC.

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