Laurence Pevsner

Laurence Pevsner


Laurence Pevsner had already written for world-famous entertainers when he realized how cool his job could get. Literally. On an outdoor set in Canada, he nearly froze off his fingers while scripting a video shoot in negative 19 degree weather. Fortunately, the video’s reception was much warmer — it received almost 10 million views.

In his years at West Wing Writers, Laurence has authored books, speeches, narratives, and strategic messaging on topics ranging from income inequality to the internet of things. His clients have used his writing and thinking at comedy roasts and college commencements, conference keynotes and campaign rallies. His words have also made their way onto the op-ed pages of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal — and, under his own byline, The Washington Post.

Previously, Laurence worked on the reelection campaigns of Congressman Jim Himes, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and President Barack Obama. He learned how to edit copy at Biteback Publishing, a London publishing house, and honed his fact-finding skills as a research assistant to Thomas Docherty, a United Kingdom member of parliament.

Laurence is a magna cum laude graduate of Amherst College, where he majored in law, jurisprudence, and social thought. At Amherst, he won the Kellogg Award and the Bancroft Prize in public speaking and delivered the Senior Assembly address. He currently lives in Brooklyn but thinks the pizza is better in his home state of Connecticut.

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