Jasneet Hora

Jasneet Hora


Jas came to America at the age of six, when a presidential speech inspired his parents to immigrate to the “land of opportunity.” It was an early lesson in the power of words to move people — sometimes literally. He has made the most of that opportunity by helping leaders, from the chambers of the Senate to the conference rooms of Silicon Valley, address some of the most important issues facing American society today.

At West Wing Writers, Jas works with leaders to tell stories, make arguments, and inspire audiences. He’s partnered with unicorn startups changing the way we live and work, and industry giants that have already been doing so for well over a century. His words have helped foundation presidents shape new narratives, CEOs introduce new products, and thought leaders persuade policymakers.

Prior to joining West Wing Writers, Jas consulted for the Obama Foundation, supported the communications shop in Senator Kamala Harris’ office, and organized on behalf of immigrants at FWD.us, one of the nation’s largest immigration advocacy organizations.

Jas holds a Masters in Public Administration from Columbia University, where he focused on new media technologies and age-old communications strategies. Before that, he studied political economy and public policy at the University of California, Berkeley.

An avid reader of biographies in his free time, Jas can most often be found in the coffee shops of San Francisco with the latest Doris Kearns Goodwin book.

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