Annie Farber

Annie Farber


Annie Farber helps people and organizations tell their stories.

She works with visionary companies, mission-driven nonprofits, and leaders in government and philanthropy to shape their strategies and find their narratives. Since joining West Wing Writers, she has helped launch flagship tech products, advocate for humanitarian causes, and argue for a new role for media in the 21st century.

As a comp lit major in college, Annie has always understood the power of a good story. But it wasn’t until she took her first job in Washington, at strategic communications firm GMMB, that she developed a thirst and a knack for using words to persuade and inspire, to turn the tide on an issue or get voters to the polls.

At GMMB, she served on President Obama’s media team during his hard-fought re-election, and worked for other winning candidates up and down the ballot. TIME magazine named one of her TV spots among the best of its cycle. In odd-numbered years, when the political buzz quieted down, Annie developed messaging, strategy, and branding for socially conscious businesses and issue campaigns, and wrote everything from video scripts to opinion pieces for clients in education, global health, and grassroots advocacy.

Annie graduated from Brown University, where she took classes in as many departments as she could find. She counts her first job, tending bar at the now-defunct Peggy O’Neill’s on the Coney Island boardwalk, as a defining piece of her professional education. She lives in New York with her husband, Griffin.

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